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Banner Fabrication

Banners can be finished in a variety of ways. The most common fabrication options are shown here. Our standard banner comes with hems and grommets located at the corners and approximately every 24" along the top and bottom edge. Other fabrication options are at a slight additional cost.

We use 13oz vinyl banner material for a strong and durable banner. Others use 10 oz or even 8oz material--we don't compromise on quality.

Hem and Grommet - this is the standard banner finish. A 1" hem is made by folding over the banner material. This is the most common banner fabrication and provides added strenght and prevents the banner edges from fraying. Grommets are added along the top and bottom edge at approximately every 24". Hem & Grommett
Sewn in Rope - this sturdy 1/4" polypropylene rope allows the banner to be quickly tied off. No hunting around for rope, its already attached to the banner.
Pole Pockets - these pockets can be sewn into the top or bottom of a banner to place a pipe or rod through. Pole Pockets are recommended when the banner is hung from a ceiling or needs a weighted bottom. A pole pocket put into the top of the banner provides an easy way to carry the banner in a parade. The pole pocket dimension is determined by the diameter of the pipe or pole to be use. The banner shown here has a pole pocket on one side and sewn in rope on the other side.
Snap Hooks - these hooks allow the banner to be quickly attached to a fence or other suitable object. When mounted on the top of a banner they can be slipped over a tightly stretched steel cable between two uprights--this type of installation is common for banners being placed across a street.
O-Rings/D-Rings - these rings are attached to the banner with reinforced polyester webbing to provide a place to attach a rope or other tie down to the banner. Not shown is webbing sewn into the banner hems. This adds strength to the banner and distributes the load over a greater area of the banner rather than just at the corners.
Reinforced Corners - are created by sewing additional material into the corners. This adds strength to the banner and prevents ripping when subjected to strong forces. Reinforcing material can be added to the back or both the front and back of the banner corner for additional strength.
Fringe - can be sewn on the bottom of the banner to add elegance to the finished banner. Gold, black, and white fringe is available.
Scallops - can be added to the banner with or without fringe to add a unique look to the finished banner.
Custom Fabrication - multiple colors, sizes, shapes, and combinations of fabrication options can be combined for your special needs.
Other Options - Velcro can be sewn onto the banner to accommodate the versatility needs of your banner. Clear vinyl pockets can also be added. Wind holes can be cut into a large banner to reduce the stress put on the banner from wind loading.